Thomas Gounley


Denver, Colorado

Thomas Gounley

Reporter based in Denver, Colorado


The Man Who Reinvented Meth

Bob Paillet's 'Nazi method' spread across the county. Until now, we hardly knew anything about him.
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Finding the designer of the Jazz cup

The anonymous user wanted to find the person behind a design so commonplace you've never thought about it.
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From patient to defendant

One of Springfield, Missouri's two health systems sues far more over debt.
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The day the earth stood still

The 1990 earthquake prediction that took on a life of its own in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.
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When Walmart left: Store closures shock rural America

Walmart's January 2016 store closures hit small-town America the hardest.
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What it's like to appear on TV's 'Cops'

James Anthony Townsend — he goes by Tony — didn't watch his television debut on "Cops" Saturday night.
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Missouri's Great Escaped Snake Scare of 1953

Many residents fought back with a common gardening tool.
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Looking Back on Liberal, the Midwest's Failed Atheist Utopia

Liberal, Missouri, looks indistinguishable from any other tiny town in the Midwest. There's a sleepy business district and a single gas station that serves its 750 residents. There are rows of houses and more than half a dozen churches interspersed between them. This part of the state, after all, is one of the most religious parts of the country, with a sizable evangelical Christian population.

What happens when you complain about the police?

She came home and found an officer had put tape over her security camera.
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A church and its beloved roller coaster

Woodland Hills Family Church watches the demolition of its beloved Ozark Wildcat coaster.
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What happens if Bass Pro acquires Cabela's?

These areas could be affected.
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Charged for a retweet: An alleged link to ISIS in Missouri

When the FBI escorted Safya Roe Yassin out of her home near Buffalo, Missouri, last Thursday, it was the first time one neighbor had seen her in months.
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Thomas Gounley

I'm a reporter based in Denver, Colorado. You can reach me at

In October 2017, I joined the staff of BusinessDen, a regional business news publication. I primarily cover commercial real estate, development and litigation.

Prior to joining BusinessDen, I spent five years on staff at the Springfield News-Leader, the daily newspaper in Springfield, Missouri.

I've done freelance work for BuzzFeed, Vice, Atlas Obscura and Food+City magazine.

I'm a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.