Thomas Gounley


Denver, Colorado

Thomas Gounley

Reporter based in Denver, Colorado


Finding the designer of the Jazz cup

The anonymous user wanted to find the person behind a design so commonplace you've never thought about it.
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From patient to defendant

One of Springfield, Missouri's two health systems sues far more over debt.
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A church and its beloved roller coaster

Woodland Hills Family Church watches the demolition of its beloved Ozark Wildcat coaster.
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The second life of limestone mines

In the heart of the country, for some food companies, the supply chain briefly dips out of sight, below the surface of the earth.
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His radio show prompted a police union boycott

Richard Deaver, 26, was not on air Thursday morning, and promos during the course of the show revealed that "Rich and McClain in the Morning" is now "McClain in the Morning."
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Some locally wait for drone exemption, others just fly

“As soon as you start taking money for flying a device ... the FAA views it as the same thing as a Boeing 747.”.
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Go inside an underground business park

There's a vacancy in what is perhaps Springfield's most unique business environment.
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Mercy pushes back against Springfield unionizing effort

In the first sentence of a letter to employees this week, two top executives of Mercy Springfield said that some employees "are interested in a union or believe that a union is needed here at Mercy."
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Paul Mueller latest company to adopt open-book approach to management

After 15 months of weekly meetings, employees on the first shift in Paul Mueller’s component products unit expect craftsman Gail Boyd to ask the pivotal question.
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Nurse with no flu shot refuses to wear mask, is fired

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A nurse who refused to wear a surgical mask after receiving an exemption from a mandatory flu shot was fired for violating her hospital's policy.
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Bet on old medium pays off for Springfield company

“I hear them ask, ‘Do people still use audiocassettes?’ Stepp said. “And the truth is, yes, we ship a 53-foot trailer load every afternoon at 3:15.”
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Thomas Gounley

I'm a reporter based in Denver, Colorado. You can reach me at

In October 2017, I joined the staff of BusinessDen, a regional business news publication. I primarily cover commercial real estate, development and litigation.

Prior to joining BusinessDen, I spent five years on staff at the Springfield News-Leader, the daily newspaper in Springfield, Missouri.

I've done freelance work for BuzzFeed, Vice, Atlas Obscura and Food+City magazine.

I'm a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.